About This Blog

This post is dated 2011, but I actually wrote it in 2020. I know the identity of our 45th president. I know about the pandemic. 

I’ve sent this post back in time to offer an introduction to my blog, which has changed over the years.

It began as a place to promote my first book by writing and sharing pieces in the same vein as that book—exploring some of the quieter currents running through the text of the Bible.

Over time, book promotion became the focus less and less, and sharing writing became the purpose more. The blog was a landing zone for pieces I wrote that meant something to me, whether or not they related to one of my books, whether or not they directly related to scripture. 

Most recently, I have discovered that the distinction between personal and professional writing no longer makes sense, because my heart is in all of it. Starting in 2020, this blog arrived at its simplest and broadest purpose so far: a place to post all my writing, so readers can find it all in one place. I hope you enjoy.