Yielding Time

The fourth commandment is the command to keep one day of the week holy, to let go for one day out of every seven, to honor God by yielding time.

In the Greek in which the New Testament was written, the authors of the Bible actually had two different words for time. They had:

CHRONOS — This is tick-tock time. Linear time. Time as a finite and measurable resource. Whenever we say “time” today, we almost always mean “chronos.” But then there is....

KAIROS — This is Spirit time. Clarity time. Insight time. Kairos describes the moment of breakthrough in which the divine mind enlightens our human imagination, showing us the way to confidently take the next step.

The reality of kairos is the secret of the Sabbath rest. If you have never taken seriously the notion of this rest, give it a try for just a month. Leave every seventh day open and invite God to enter it. In the book, I talk about this much more. Those who claim they don’t have the time available to set apart in this way are seeing only the tick-tock time. They are missing the magic. With the Sabbath, the six remaining days deliver more than the seven days ever could, because the Spirit transforms chronos into kairos.