Surrounded by Fear

One voice of fear says you can’t possibly achieve what you are called to do. Stay small.

The other voice of fear says you are not doing enough to realize your calling. Stay busy.

One is the voice of preemptive failure and the other is the voice of franticness.

The walk of faith is somehow the walk amidst these states of fear. “Somehow”—because it is God, not our own roadmap, who creates this path and reveals the way.

When God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses, he reminded Moses what kind of god the people had seen him to be. This Lord delivers people “out of the house of bondage,” he said in Exodus 20:2. Moses’ people set out without knowing how this deliverance would proceed. Chased to the very shore of the Red Sea, they found the way to keep going when God pushed one torrent of water to one side and another torrent to the other side, creating their temporary passage.

To walk in the way of your calling—your art—involves more than just overcoming a fear and setting off. Instead, to walk this way is to be surrounded by fears, with different torrents looming out of different emotional directions. You proceed by faith, continuing to trust the improbable path that has been revealed between these held-back threats.