Thank You, Mariemont Town Crier

I am grateful to the Mariemont Town Crier, which published an interview with me in this month’s edition. Here is an excerpt:

What prompted you to write the book?

For as widely recognized as the Ten Commandments are, they tend to be little-read and overlooked. Someone who regularly reads the Bible might gloss past these words, seeing them as familiar terrain, while a person not interested in the Bible might see these words as having little relevance today. Either view is unfortunate. The Ten Commandments are a rich, beautiful, stately body of text. My book grew out of the experience of reading the Ten Commandments as if for the first time, studying the text in search of the depth of its meaning, and looking at other parts of the Bible by the light of these special words that were inscribed in stone.

Did you collaborate with anyone, or is there someone you would like to thank?

I would like to thank my wife Kaye. The book wouldn’t exist without her support and encouragement. She helps me preserve space and time for my personal writing in our life together. Doing this is not easy. We live in a small house that bursts with the dramas of children.

What is the book about?

The book’s central message is this: The Ten Commandments contain more than rules. A patient examination of the text finds meaning that goes beyond the list of commands. For example, interconnections between the commandments chart spiritual principles that are basic for understanding our lives—almost spiritual laws of physics. Plus, the structure of the commandments maps a certain path or progression—a route by which a lost and wandering people (whether in the desert or in the modern world) can make their way toward a fuller, richer, more joyful experience of the Creator.