A Kind of Firstfruits

When we pray the line in the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy kingdom come,” what are we really praying for?

If his kingdom is the ethereal realm we imagine when we picture heaven, then his kingdom is a place. It is located on the other side of whatever border separates it from us in the geography of God. Is his kingdom this stationary and this remote?

No, we are of heaven. James 1:18 says, “He brought us forth [to] be a kind of firstfruits.” As we turn in submission to the way that Jesus led, we become agents of heaven on earth. As the authority of pride declines in each of our lives, heaven's agency increases.

We are heaven. When we ask for God’s kingdom to come, part of what we are asking is for God’s kingdom to come more fully through us—to win out against our will to belong to the earth instead. Heaven is a place, but it’s also an allegiance, a conviction, a people. Heaven is what we become part of, here on earth, by taking a stand for heaven’s love within this world.

[31 Days of James]