Envy and Self-Seeking

“For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there.”—James 3:16.

Self-seeking: I want more so that I can have more and occupy a higher place above other people.

Envy: I despise another because that person has something tangible or intangible that I think ought to belong to me.

Both of these attitudes put me on the throne. The object of my emotions and the energy of my thinking is me.

Letting go of the focus on me does not mean I allow myself to be disregarded or lost. To the contrary, letting go of the focus on me is a logical response to the realization that I already have everything.

Life is eternal. One implication of this is that I am not going to miss out on anything. As life goes on, I’ll experience more and more of the life that is greater than this world.

Thus, the James verse above suggests the key to having life fall into place. Turn attention toward seeking the source of this eternal life, and confusion is replaced by simplicity. Turn attention to believing in this gift more fully, and “every evil thing” has a way of fading toward insignificance—replaced by the fruitfulness that grows out of faith.

[31 Days of James]