“God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”—James 4:6

Grace = God’s forgiveness, his guidance through a confusing world, and his accompaniment and protection within this world, among other blessings.

Pride keeps me from all of the above. Pride tells me the selfish things I do are reasonable and don’t have to be forgiven. Pride tells me I can make my own way in the world because I already have the way figured out. Pride also tells me the hope of protection is pointless, because I have resolved instead just to quake with worry over whatever perils I perceive.

Sometimes, because of pride, I am brought down low. My pride produces a painful failure. When this happens, often it is God giving me a gift by bringing something foolish to an end. The defeat of folly gives me a fresh opportunity to choose humility, and humility is the way to grace.

[31 Days of James]