If the Lord Wills

“You ought to say, ‘If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.’”—James 4:15

People who say “God willing” tend to be bracing for impact when they say it. They are allowing for something freakish to happen, some collision with peril akin to being struck by a meteor. This is generally the sense of “I’ll see you tomorrow, Joe—God willing!”

To gravely shade one's plans with a proviso in this way is to obey the letter of James 4:15, yet still to miss the promise in this verse. “You boast in your arrogance,” says James 4:16. That arrogance is the belief that your plans are best, and if those plans are waylaid, then something bad must have happened.

What if joy happens? What if your plans to do this or that are waylaid because, somewhere along the way, God shows you a way that is better than your plans? We all should hope for this.

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