Let Your Laughter Be Turned to Mourning

“Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom.”—James 4:9

Laughter is frequently the refuge of the haughty and proud. I laugh because I’ve grown a thick skin. I’ve grown a thick skin by becoming callous about my own brokenness and the concerns of other people.

This is the laughter that needs to cease and the thick skin that needs to be pierced. The physical body grows thick skin—calluses—as a means of protection. But my soul no longer requires such protection. I am safe in entering sorrow—safe even in confronting the dark or petty aspects of my own self—because the defeat of death means that mourning will no longer have the last word. Laughter can turn to mourning because rich and pure laughter, the laughter of love instead of fear, will win in the end. Joy can turn to gloom because joy will always come back.

There is mourning, but then there is morning.

[31 Days of James]