One Lawgiver

I have a heart that points fingers.

In my thoughts, in my feelings, I waste emotional energy believing I am not only able to identify, but also entitled to resent, those people who are wrong. Certainly, there is truth to be found. But in place of my continuing to seek after it, I settle into regarding my own personal preference as a seat of authority. From this seat, I determine who is wrong in what they advocate or wrong in what they pursue.

Strangely, I am most likely to point this secret finger of my authority against those whose beliefs are very near to my own, those who also place their faith in a risen and redeeming Christ. I inwardly grimace toward people because of some nuanced detail of disagreement within the faith that we share.


At best, I know what walk God has given to me. At best, I know what God has given me to follow in, given me to overcome, given me to do and pursue, and given me in the form of a garden for me to tend or a role for me to play. I say “at best” about knowing all of these things, because it is a stretch to say I know even this much for sure.

Certainly I know hardly any of this about someone else.

And if I claim that I do know this, then I am God. It’s that plain. “Who are you to judge another?” says James 4:12. “There is one lawgiver,” one judge. If I am judging, then I must be him.

[31 Days of James]