Praying with Skin in the Game

Is God my errand boy? I have been guilty of treating him this way in prayer. I pray about a problem that someone has brought to me not as the greatest measure of my commitment to the matter, but as the least measure of my commitment to it.

In my castoff prayer, it is as if I say, I’m not sure how much I care about this problem, God, but I am willing to mutter an appeal to you and see if you care.

James 2:16 has a picture of this. The believer expresses an appeal that a neighbor would be fed and clothed, but then doesn’t give the person food and clothing.

The sincere prayer puts skin in the game—or heart in the game. In every prayer I pray, what if I appended the following idea? What if I said: And if I am to be the instrument of answering this very prayer, God, then I am willing to go....

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