Ergo, God Speaks

Does God speak? Yes.

That question is the first and easiest to answer in an important line of inquiry.

The expectation that God speaks—that he informs and guides people such as you and me—is a logical outflow of what I believe about God. It is a logical implication of Christian faith. The very essence of that faith is that God wants a relationship with human beings.

He sent the Son of God, a person of God himself, into flesh and into death in order to restore this relationship.

That relationship, when obtained, is something to be enjoyed.

Relationship involves communication.

Communication is two-way.

Ergo, God speaks.

The harder questions come next. Namely:

How does God speak?

How do I listen?

How do I know he has spoken?

And more to the point: How do I avoid the danger of going into a prayerful place and simply ratifying my own wishful thinking? If I seek to hear God, how do I avoid hearing myself instead?