From Unicorns to Car Keys

When I have misplaced my car keys, I seek them fervently and confidently. I know that they exist. I know that they can be found. I know my car keys are real, and I look forward to taking hold of them again.

At the other extreme, when I am out walking, I do not seek unicorns. I never try to catch a glimpse of one. I do not look for unicorn tracks. Because I am convinced unicorns are not real, I do not give any thought to searching for evidence of them.

We are to seek first the kingdom of God, said Jesus (Matthew 6:33). We are to look for a better understanding of that kingdom, and look for ways that kingdom is manifestly moving in the world, in our lives, in our hearts. How fervent is the search?

Somewhere on the scale from unicorns to lost car keys is the level of my commitment to the expectation that the kingdom of God is certainly there to be found.