God Feels

If all of Christian revelation could be reduced to one idea, just one vital insight—indeed, if all of what believers have been given to understand was summarized in the shortest statement possible—then that single concise statement might be this:

God feels.

Unpack that sentence one word at a time:

God—Not many gods, but one. One God, by himself, accounts for all of creation and all of the reason for everything that is.

Feels—This God is no abstraction. He desires, he loves. And like any being with such feelings, he acts in pursuit of his desire and can be moved on behalf of the object of his love. He knows longing.

“If you know me, you know the Father,” said Jesus in John 14:7. By contemplating what we see of Jesus, we learn about God. That means the shortest verse in the Bible is actually a profoundly expansive moment of God revealing his nature to us. John 11:35 says simply, “Jesus wept.”