Weirdness (Audio)

What does a Christian believe? People assume they know. They deeply assume they know—just as I would have assumed the very same before I knew differently.

The general formulation of what a Christian believes goes something like this: “If you are a good person and you make a decision to believe in Jesus, then you will go to heaven after you die.”

I placed that formulation in quotes because the interesting thing about it is that every element of that statement is at least questionable or incomplete. Taken as a whole, that formulation almost entirely misses the point.

These drawings relate to the opening moment
of my talk. I use the analogy of a two-dimen-
sional creature who can move only along a flat
surface (as the arrows show) to suggest how
Jesus transcended three-dimensional space in
the ability he demonstrated to enter a closed
room. As I mention in my talk, scripture is
peppered with this weirdness, which points to
something profound.
I recently had a chance to speak about this to the Village Church of Mariemont. Listen to the audio at the link below. The voice you will hear from the beginning of the audio is mine (no introduction is included), then the different voice you hear at the very end of this audio file is that of the Village Church’s pastor, Todd Keyes.

My title for the talk was “The Weirdness of Christianity.” Follow this link to listen. What we actually believe as Christians is as strange as it is simple.

(Link will take you to a new screen. You might need to hit the download icon at the top of that screen before audio will play.)