If You Are Faithful, Your Life Gets Harder

In the Parable of the 10 Minas (the parable from Luke that may or may not be the same story as the better-known Parable of the Talents from Matthew), a ruler who was hated left money with his servants before he went away. Upon his return, he checked their books. Two servants had been faithful putting his money to use, one of them earning a factor-10 return on the money and the other earning a return of five times.

A striking detail is how these servants are rewarded.

Luke’s gospel conveys this:

The first came forward and said, “Master, your mina has earned 10 more minas.”

“Well done, good slave!” he told him. “Because you have been faithful in a very small matter, have authority over 10 towns.”

The second came and said, “Master, your mina has made five minas.”

So he said to him, “You will be over five towns.” (Luke 19:16-19)

Notice what is not said? The ruler does NOT say, “Come feast with me and let us rejoice in this success!” The ruler does NOT say, “Divide this bounty with me and enjoy a share of my riches!”

Rather, the ruler entrusts these faithful servants with the care of even more of his precious holdings. Indeed, he gives them a more difficult charge, because managing people is harder than managing money.

In this parable, the reward the ruler gives to his faithful servants is responsibility.

Do you feel that the scope or significance of what you have been given to care for has been enlarged? Do you feel that the importance and/or difficulty of what you are called to do has gotten greater?

According to the pattern described by this parable, that greater duty upon you might be a sign of the Lord’s pleasure. You shoulder much, care for many, or guard a precious and precarious charge because you have shown through faithfulness that you measure up to this important mission.