[Today, three brief excerpts on the theme of the teachings of Jesus, all from my latest book, You Did Not Choose Me, But I Chose You. Below is the second of the passages and here are the first and third. Here is how to obtain the book.]

John’s gospel describes Jesus at the end of his mortal life saying, “It is finished.” Jesus hung on the cross knowing his heavenly work was being accomplished through his death. He hung on the cross also knowing his earthly mission had been entrusted to those he had chosen. Perhaps only the account by John, the longest surviving of these chosen successors and the one who completed this earthly work, could include Jesus saying these words.

Taken together, in English, the four biblical gospel texts sum to about 65,000 words. Paperback novels are longer than that. John said Jesus did far more than what is included in these brief texts (John 21:25), meaning the apostle was aware how much he had left out.

He wrote what he had been led to write. Apparently, the last living apostle was given not only an inspired recall of what Jesus had told him (John 14:26), but also an inspired understanding of how little needed to be recorded in order for Jesus’ teaching to be conveyed.