In Prayer, I Have Been Composing My Prayer

I have been typing into my phone as I pray. I’ve been recording the lines out of this time of stillness that I find myself moved to lift up. Some of these lines I record are fleeting. They relate to surface concerns, momentary matters over which my mind is churning now and in the next moment will not be. Then there are lines that are deeper and truer, giving words to the hopes upon my heart to which I feel led to give attention throughout this year, this season, or this era. In deleting the fleeting lines and keeping the truer ones, I am slowing composing a prayer that will last.

In prayer, the Spirit intercedes for us, says Romans 8:26. We do not know what to pray, but he does. And in Luke 11:1, an unnamed disciple speaking for all of us asked the Lord, “Teach us to pray.” The disciple addressed his plea to Jesus, but if we believe Son and Spirit are one, then we can make this same plea to the Lord residing within us. We can begin to learn words for the prayer that the God of intercession is already praying on our behalf.