Changing This Blog: My Writing from Everywhere Posted Here Now

Starting in 2020, I am going to change what I post to this blog.

I will expand its contents to include my writing broadly, not just pieces written for this blog.

Until now, the blog has been a channel for pieces I own, writing with no connection to my day-to-day work. Going forward, I plan to simply open up this blog to my writing, as I am producing it, on the various topics that interest me.

I am my work. That is an awakening that has come slowly, dawned slowly, but it is where I find myself now. This blog’s narrow focus made sense when I started it—I was beginning to self-publish then, and this was a place to talk about my books. Other posts in the form of personal writing fit right in. But the distinction between my “personal” and my professional writing, between my “day job” work and the work of my free time, makes less and less sense to me. If there was ever a time when writing about manufacturing, my daily pursuit, was just my day job and nothing more, then that time has long past. The changes in manufacturing, what those changes mean, the people in the midst of the change—I give my heart to writing about these things as much as I give it to writing about other topics I choose. My name is at the top of this blog. The increasingly unnecessary personal vs. professional distinction has come to feel like a barrier against offering all the work I would like to share, so I am taking that barrier away.

The personal writing, the writing just for this blog, will continue. But now I will offer it within a feed of all my writing, letting readers choose what interests them without my channeling it. I am my work, but I am all my work. I hope readers who have been with me as email subscribers will remain, finding interest in the broader scope of my stuff.

I am making this change somewhat retroactively. That is, I am making the change effective 2020, populating the blog with other outlets’ pieces that I have posted during this year. I will add this post to the beginning of 2020 to explain. The date of this post is therefore a functional device; the post was actually written much later. The sense of my work as something I am called into and remain in whole-heartedly, the realization that one heart now informs all my writing so that the channeling and partitioning is less useful, came to me at the time I was writing this essay on my perspective at age 50. The decision to make my blog a place for all my writing flowed from the thinking that went into that piece. As I say, the personal writing will continue here, even as the blog gets bigger, in part because the personal writing (like that essay) is often where I find personal change.