Pandemic Writings

I am posting this piece perhaps as just a record to be found, a snapshot of an unusual period of time. This blog has lasted nine years so far. If it lasts nine years more, then this post and its subject matter will be a curious relic.

This year’s pandemic began for me, as it did for many, in mid-March. That was when commercial and institutional buildings (including the office I work in) closed their doors to send employees and students to continue from home.

For me, it has been a busy time. When I felt I had something to write or share about the moment, the inspiration rose suddenly and generally I lacked the bandwidth to do anything with it except offer it as a fragmentary thought on LinkedIn.

The result I see, as I look back through this series of LinkedIn posts, is a log of some of the stations on the way through the shelter-at-home period of the spring of 2020. In short, here is a picture of how I was processing this time and how I seemed to believe others were processing it with me.

LinkedIn does not report precise dates for regular posts, so most of the dates below are approximate. Assuming LinkedIn URL addresses remain stable, the links below should go straight into the individual posts. (Or, if you are the visitor in the future who discovers these links have gone dead, email me to let me know.)

Circa April 1

Settled into working at home, my daily experiences and routines now different. Confronting and exploring the feelings of this.

Circa May 1

Orienting myself within this temporary new reality, realizing we are all doing the same. Starting to work out a plan within it.

May 15

Arriving at conclusions. I composed an essay, which is what I do whenever I’ve figured something out to the point I feel confident about it. I know the date because LinkedIn does record the exact date of items that are articles rather than posts. The article diagnoses some of the difficulties faced during a passage of time I clearly didn’t know quite how to label.

Circa June 1

Looking forward, accepting the new headwind or burden, and turning toward reclaiming or returning to something like the set of possibilities I once had.