The Ten Commandments

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS: What Do Two Tablets Reveal About the Life of the Spirit and the Way Toward God?

A book by Peter Zelinski

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Do the biblical Ten Commandments contain more than a list of rules? This book's look at one of the most familiar parts of the Bible unpacks these lines of scripture to find the richness of meaning that waits within the ancient text.

Topics the book explores include:

  • The continuity between the Ten Commandments and the commands given by Christ.
  • The organization of the commandments. The perhaps meaningful connection between the structure of the text and the design of a human hand.
  • The difference between an idol and a false god (and why the difference matters).
  • The profound significance of the fact that the commandments were split between two tablets of stone. 

The text on the two stone tablets can be seen as a map, the book says. That map outlines spiritual principles that are basic to our lives. That map also charts the steps in a progression aimed at drawing the heart nearer to God.

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