3 Types of 3D Printed Tooling for Injection Molding

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Microturbine Relies on 3D Printed Housing to Preheat Fuel

The aluminum housing made on a laser powder bed fusion system uses internal cooling passages to help realize what its creators say will be the highest-power-density small turbine yet produced. Read »

Can Transparency Bring More Efficient Sourcing?

A resource that aims to be free for machine shops asks detailed capability information so parts can be matched to producers, and OEMs can target RFQs to shops that are ready to run the work. Read »

This Company Is Developing Software to Make Any Industrial Robot Into a 3D Printer

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Faster 3D Printing With Variable-Orifice Nozzle (Includes Video)

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How This Motorcycle Startup Will Succeed With U.S. Production

Land Moto is the founder’s second motorcycle company. The first time, production was in China. This time, several factors help advance the effort to produce a low-cost bike in the United States. One of these is the way electrification opens doors to suppliers. Read»

Robots Combine for Faster DED Build Rate (Video)

The “Medusa” system merges multiple robots into a single system for efficient additive manufacturing of large metal parts. Read »

Cutting Tool Maker Succeeding With 3D Printed Carbide for Oil/Gas and Other Applications

Powders, parts, and products are different ways the company is advancing with additive manufacturing. Carbide and tools are separate areas of success. Read »

Do Modern CNCs Call for a New Programming Paradigm?

Complex workpieces such as metal 3D printed parts present demanding CNC toolpath challenges in machining. Modern precision is up to the task — we just need the measurements and methods to use it. Read »

Is the Future of Additive Manufacturing With Very Large Producers?

The growing demand for metal part production via 3D printing will be met by producers that start small and massively scale, says the CEO of a major AM technology provider. This is a different path than other part-making technologies have followed. Read »

The First Choice Was Right: How RP+M Succeeded With Production FDM

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10 Ways Additive Manufacturing Reshapes a Production Facility (Forget What You Know About Factories)

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Faith Like a Mustard Seed: Is the Mountain What We Move?

How should we really read the mountain-and-mustard-seed passage?

There is a moment in the gospels in which Jesus seems to promise a sort of omega-level telekinesis. In Matthew 17:20, he says,

You Are Being Transformed: Philippians in About 200 Words

Paul was an essayist. That vital point gets lost in the way his work is often presented. The chapter-and-verse divisions of modern bibles work to pixelate these writings,

Binder Jetting Is Also a Tooling Technology

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10 Topics in Machining We Plan to Cover in 2022

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Production 3D Printer Making Composite Parts (Video)

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10 Trends From Formnext 2021

The largest trade show for additive manufacturing technology returned with an in-person format this year. Observations from the event in Frankfurt, Germany. Read »

Software Capabilities Simplify Robot Programming for 3D Printing (Includes Video)

New tools from major robot maker mean no specialized knowledge is needed to apply a robot to work of 3D printing complex forms. Read »