Changing This Blog: Manufacturing Writing Posted Here Now

Beginning in 2020, I am making a change to this blog. The blog started as a place strictly for writing I own, notably related to my side interest as an author. However, my role as a writer and speaker on advanced manufacturing has become prominent enough that people increasingly land here looking for connection to that work. Therefore, from this point forward I will use this blog as a place to link to all my work, on manufacturing and other topics.

That means this blog’s archive will show a marked shift in subject matter, with the posts before 2020 covering my books, theology, and personal observations, while manufacturing technology and developments dominate the posts from this year on. That’s okay; we change, our work changes, and we leaves signs of the changes as we go.

Some readers have been following this blog because they know me for my books and more personal writing. Here is how I explained the change to them.